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thank you for all the bday wishes i brought a tablet am now flailing around trying what's known as streaming if you havent already taken me for dead you may join here once again pls forgive your humble servant

if you're still alive to read this that is

***edit***strem was a rousing disaster which i will repeat some time in the future
the dreaded day has arrived once again. dont even deserve it, but here we are. 500 people here and i foolhardily wish to do something for all of you. you got a pony oc, go ahead and link that shit so my life is easier. cant promise the result will be great, but i promise i will try :)
full disclosure: i lied and i actually am dead. specifically, i might as well be dead, my body is but a hollow husk that has single mindedly been dedicated to video games all this time. well, not any more i guess; finally realized this account is for posting ponies and have re-dedicated myself to that task. take a look at some garbage i made to get back in the drawing mood: random faces and something for NATG which i may or may not finish but definitely wont post cause i promised comics and that is what i am going to attempt to focus on. pray that i do not fall into the alluring trap that is gaming again :O
since most of you probably have quality taste in pony artists, you probably know us pimples are gonna have a stream right over here 11 pm EST today and tomorrow. if you like fun, movies, wonderful fanfics reading , and live pony art; well i can't guarantee any of that will happen but an attempt will be made at making it happen so you should drop on by if only to see the entire thing possibly crash and burn :)
i've been making journals like a madman recently. no one should have to put up with that nonsense. but when i have something to say/share, how else i'm gonna do it? you understand. awesome. now look at this thing i found recently because i am not saavy to today's pony music and you all probably heard it already but i don't care because i love it. cover art seems familiar but who cares.

also i am 80% of the way to my goal
boops are the leading cause of global warming.
you may do as you wish with this information.
in all the hullabaloo i forgot to share this extremely amazing video made by one Pikapetey. Please enjoy this unedited footage of Twilight Sparkle in her natural habitat; I know I have.
some folks may have been wondering what happened to me, considering my dA page has led to a deactivated message recently. to clear the air, i will be explaining the details of how this came about. gather round, friends, and hear the tale of How Unassuminguser Got Banned and His Eventual Triumph Over Death:

once upon a time, our hero unassuminguser was frolicking around with his pal red, as pals are wont to do. red had posted a journal on dA, and as a pal, uu left a joking comment in the spirit of friendship. as soon as he did, along came a big dark villian clad in shining white armor, who for the sake of privacy shall be referred to OGYNAF THE TERRIBLE. Ogynaf, in a misguided attempt at medieval chivalry, accused uu of evil wrongdoing and challenged him in the field of verbal combat. uu, in a marvelous display of his sharp wit, quickly disposed of the villain and went along with a whistle and a hop in his step. Ogynaf was none too happy about that, and in a last ditch attempt, summoned the dark gods of the dA admins, and falsely accused our hero of being eight years old. the mods struck down uu where he stood for violating the terms of service, leading to sadness for all. however, uu would not be bested so easily. in the deactivated underworld, uu refused to stay dead, and personally led an attack on the dread god Hades. After a week of pitched battle, uu rose victorious, and swiftly blasted through the gates of Hell and returned to the land of the living, upon which there was rejoicing all across the land :).

you may be wondering what happened to Ogynaf. Nobody knows. uu does, but he'll be taking that information to the grave ;)
in any case, there are three morals to be learned from this epic tale:

1. Don't argue with people younger than you; children are vindictive little snakes.
2. Don't falsely report people. That would make you the ultimate dick.
3. Don't fuck with unassuminguser ;)

thank you all for sticking with me (specially you pimps and pirill :D), stupid comics will return to their regular broadcasting :)
the moola has come in. it is time to get back to work.
thanks for all those nice birthday wishes, guys! can't imagine how it warmed my already mushy heart :D

also thanks to DF, the eternal mind boggler 
after many sleepless nights of dreaded deliberation, finally decided to start using my long abandoned skype account (same name as here). if you feel like bothering me there, you may, provided i am online. i will be like a shiny raikou in that respect (rare and likely to run away that is). 
been a while since the death of my dearly beloved laptop, but i've managed to get over it (mostly). was able to set up a temporary thing on my family pc with the little data i've salvaged, and although i lost all the bases i created and all the writing i've done and every other little thing, i decided to try and get back in the swing of things. nothing full length till i get another laptop, but there'll be at least something to tide over the very quiet seething masses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
my laptop bit the dust a couple days ago. thought it would be an easy fix, but no such luck. probably won't be commenting as much in the meantime, since the ps3 controller is not very conducive to typing or just web browsing in general:dead:
so there i was on the computer very bored. i decided to google myself, as unassuminguser that is. and in one of the non dA search results, i found that someone had actually translated one of my comics! in russian! i thought that only happened to good comics, but i was mistaken! so yeah. today has been a cool day B-)
two thumbs up, four hooves up, everything up.

p.s. discord how could you but everything was okay in the end so hooray :)

edit: also forgot to mention i finally decided that twilight is now somewhat cool and not as bad as previously assumed. fluttershy is still the best and twilight is still the worst obviously. gonna give her own folder anyways.
i was gonna say something about how i braved his Cloudsdale anthem rendition without muting it once, but let's talk about how he became a badass. cause he did. that happened. good on you, spike :iconhappyspikeplz:. special mention goes to snowflake and flutters. i count those silver medals as their victories (rd helped).
i'm halfway there. i already planned out what i'm gonna do when i actually get there. it's gonna be glorious.
1. spike is still too dumb to live
2. if rarity isn't the final villain, the writers seriously need to rethink their priorities
3. AJ should have appeared in some capacity at the end, screaming "I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG Y'ALL!"

overall, i liked it. bleventeen/bleventeen
spelunky should have been a lesson in futility, but has devolved to a downward spiral of infinite retries, the crazed deluded thought constantly assuring me that I can beat it if I try one more time. its claws grip me tighter each time i gain a new score. i fear i may never escape.
a rainbow dash and twilight episode. and against all odds i loved it. i'll even go so far to say it was better than Pinkie Pride. how in the world did that happen. my mind is still reeling from how good it was. jeez louise. i need to lie down a bit and wait for the dailymotion version to pop up so i can watch it again. hopefully that foxynoxy guy never sees this so i may avoid eating the hat i promised to.